Do you have a sewer problem? Sewer back ups in the Dallas area can be caused by a lot of things, including root intrusion, collapsed pipes and belled pipe. Before work begins to repair the emergency situation, it makes sense that the nature of the blockage should be determined. It also makes sense that you should locate the blockage. That way you save time and money on plumbing repairs. CallĀ 972-737-7174.

Video Sewer Inspection Dallas

Our team is called upon daily to locate and repair sewer obstructions. Our plumbers have decades of experience and employs the latest technology. Video sewer inspection equipment, have revolutionized our business.

Snaking Clogged Drain Lines

That pool of water collects when the drain is clogged just makes your day stink. We realize that you are not made of money, so allow us to help you prevent the problem the next time.

Some clogged drains are usually easy enough to correct on your own. But if the clog is severe, you have no choice but to call us or another Dallas plumber. We are on call nights and weekends to respond quickly, because if your sewer line is clogged, it is an emergency plumbing situation. We will arrive quickly and use device is called the ‘snake.’ It can dislodge most blockages. Most of the time, this simple service is enough to get a newer sewer line up and running.

There are times when older sewer lines will just not snake out. The line has bellied or collapsed because of soil settlement or heavy equipment running over the area. Our Dallas, TX plumbers will locate the problem, show you the cause and give you a fixed price for repairs.